Halloween is just around the corner:     Do Not Eat Candy!!    Please practice restraint and leave the bad stuff alone.  No one wants to make a trip to the ER!  However, do bark every time someone shows up to the door…I drive my parents crazy.  Fun times!! 

Cooler nights are great for sleeping:  Mom says all the clients seem to perk up!  It’s already getting darker a little early, which for some unknown reason my mom loves.  Fall is a super time to get out and play in the leaves, go for longer walks, and just have fun.  Make sure that your moms and dads use a good flea/tick medicine for you, at least until the first frost.  Those little critters are still very active, and if you’re out more like me you’ll need protected.  I use Vectra, but rumor has it mom will be switching to Simparica next year.  Mom, of course, is researching to make sure it’s safe…she is SO fussy!

I got sick:  Just before our recent road trip to see Grandpa Fred, I got sick.  Thankfully Dr. Ballard could see me and I was better in a few days.  I had a yucky fever and upset tummy but nothing serious and I was able to enjoy our vacation.  Fortunately I am an easy dog to medicate – mom just tossed my Metronidazole in my food.  If you’re one who doesn’t like medication I have some tips.  Mom or dad need to put the pill in some cheese or peanut butter, but make it two, one with the medication and one without.  Take the first one with the medication then gobble down the second treat.  Voile!  You never knew you just had meds!  Slick, right!  Alas, some of you out there just won’t be fooled!  

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Finnian's Pet Tips

Hi!  I’m Finnian Smith, top dog at TenderTouch CanineCare and a source of inspiration, and amusement, for my mom and dad.  My owners are diligent about keeping me happy and healthy, and I’d like to share some of my secrets.  

Thanks for reading my blog!  I hope these tips help keep your pet healthy and happy.  And until next time, remember:  for the best in Professional Pet Sitting, call my owners at TenderTouch CanineCare.  Your pet will thank you!

Today’s Topic: "Fall is the time for play!”

Hi everyone!  It’s me, Finn, back with more adventures with my mom and dad.  Our summer was nice, restful.  We stayed in town but that was okay, I don’t like traveling when it’s too hot.

​Here’s the low-down on my “Fall is here!”  experience:

                       TenderTouch CanineCare

That’s all for now:    I hope everyone has an awesome fall!  Get outside and enjoy the beautiful change of season.  Pretty soon, maybe, we can eat snow!

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