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Today’s Topic: Welcome Spring!

Hi everyone!  Spring has finally arrived!  We had a very mild winter; it was actually a bummer for me.  But the humans are all sighing with relief that the nicer weather is here, so I’ll go along with it.  Here is what’s in store for me this spring and summer season:

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Tender Touch Canine Care ... You're Dog's Next Best Friend!

Tender Touch Canine Care ... You're Dog's Next Best Friend!

Holidays:   Wow!  Summer holiday season already!  Memorial Day is just around the corner, then the big one – Fourth of July.  That holiday can be tricky for pets.  Many of us get spooked with loud noises and lots of commotion.  Me, I can sleep through about anything, but so many loving pets get lost this time of year.  One bang from a firecracker and they are gone!  If your moms and dads plan to be gone during fireworks, please ask them to have someone take care of you.  Professional Pet Sitters like my mom and dad would be perfect company during the festivities, so you won’t be alone and scared!  It may also be a great idea for pet parents to crate their pets for extra safety. 

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Dental Surgery:   I had to have a tooth pulled.  My mom reminded me a zillion times that I am her only dog who’s ever had a tooth pulled.  Hey, someone has to break the mold!  I was an avid bone chewer and must have chomped hard one too many times.  I was groggy for about 24 hours but recovered quickly.  I will switch to a veterinarian approved chewy as soon as I’m fully healed.  Goodbye peanut butter bones!  

Annual Check-Up:  I had my annual check-up.  Other than a cracked tooth (see below) I continue to be healthy.  I received my three-year vaccines this year, including rabies, parvovirus and distemper.  I also stocked up on my monthly heartworm preventive (I use TriHeart Plus) and more flea/tick preventive (Vectra).  Speaking of fleas/ticks/heartworm:  make sure you use good quality, veterinarian approved medications.  Mom likes the Vectra for fleas/ticks because it’s easy to use.  Please do not use over-the counter grocery store variety medications without speaking to your veterinarian!  Some products may have ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction or make you sick.  And never use dog products on a cat and vice versa.  DANGER!

Hi!  I’m Finnian Smith, top dog at TenderTouch CanineCare and a source of inspiration, and amusement, for my mom and dad.  My owners are diligent about keeping me happy and healthy, and I’d like to share some of my secrets.  

Thanks for reading my blog!  I hope these tips help keep your pet healthy and happy.  And until next time, remember:  for the best in Professional Pet Sitting, call my owners at TenderTouch CanineCare.  Your pet will thank you!

Vacations:   I am going to “camp” twice, once in late summer and again in the early fall.  I can’t imagine my mom and dad wanting a vacation without me.  Oh, well, their loss!  I’ll be camping out at Lori’s home, and that’s a good place for me.  If you recall I am the reactive type and have special needs when boarded.  Plus, I’m just plain spoiled!

I didn’t realize just how busy I’ll be this summer!  No rest for the weary I guess!  I hope everyone, pets and their parents, have an awesome and safe summer.

Yard Dangers:  Spring and summer weather means being outside more.  And that can also put dogs and cats in danger from weed sprays and poisonous plants.  If you treat your lawn chemically keep pets off the treated areas for a couple of days and wipe paws thoroughly!  Humans wouldn’t run through fresh chemicals and your pets shouldn’t either!  For plant safety, the ASPCA has a great list of poisonous plants – and there are many!  Visit their website at for a list of toxic and non-toxic substances.

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